Student Houses

Oryxes Wolves Falcons Leopards

BSS prides itself on its team, family and community spirit as well a determination to be best for the world! One empowering way in which BSS strives to achieve this is through its House System. Each child is allocated to one of our 4 Houses – Oryxes, Wolves, Falcons and Leopards. Our House theme and names were chosen by our students and the icons were designed and created by our talented Senior Students. Students across the school earn house points for going over and above, whether that be for attainment, effort, kindness or demonstrating one of our Learning Ethos behaviours. If they have done something truly exceptional, they might even get a Golden Ticket and enjoy Hot Chocolate and Cookies with our Head of School.

Houses are represented by student House Captains from the Senior School. House Captains lead, encourage and champion their designated house during Inter House Competitions or whole school events such as Sports Day. Competition is high and the winning House gets to celebrate together each term.  An important aspect of our House system is for students to fundraise for their chosen House Charity. Our House system encourages a sense of community, social conscience and a healthy dose of competition.