Moving to Oman

Oman has been named the safest and the friendliest country in the world for expats to live and work.

Internations 2019

Sunshine, EVERY day!

“The sun always seems to be shining in Salalah. Having an apartment on the beach and listening to the sound of the sea is hard to beat.”

Living in SALALAH

Salalah is well served by a new international airport, and flights are available to Muscat, Qatar, India, and the UAE with more opening up soon. Salalah is well equipped with a modern malls and supermarkets as well as a host of smaller shops, traditional souks, and opportunities to buy organic produce directly from the farmer. If you are looking for international shopping outlets and vibrant nightlife, Muscat and Dubai are great to visit.

Families living in Salalah enjoy trips into the mountains and remote desert areas and exploring the stunning coastline. One can swim, snorkel, and dive in the warm ocean, surf some cool waves, or relax at the growing number of international hotels that are springing up in and around the city. Horse riding, fishing, karate, football, and music are all popular activities. Salalah is well connected via Muscat or Dubai to many destinations around the world.


Salalah has always enjoyed a prominence in the region because of the Frankincense trade. The indigenous plant grows only in southern Oman and in neighbouring Yemen. The yellow nuggets of resin were exported as far as the Roman Empire to be used as incense in church whilst also being highly in demand even earlier on by the Ancient Egyptians for their funeral preparations into the afterlife. Salalah has many important UNESCO heritage sites because of this, and a museum in Al Baleed very nicely presents many important archaeological findings. Modern day Salalah also enjoys a special prominence in Oman as it is the birthplace of the Sultan and is said to hold a special place in his heart.


Sun, Sand and Sea

As well as its lush green pastures, Salalah is renowned for its stunning collection of beaches, which feel almost Caribbean with their coconut trees and relaxed vibe. Salalah has excellent hotels, beaches and spa resorts for those who like to spoil and indulge themselves. There are numerous private beach clubs with 5* resorts that you can join.


Salalah has vast areas of wildlife to explore, what with the wadis, mountains and the deserts stretching out for miles around. Wadis are dry riverbeds following the course of seasonal streams and rivers through rocky valleys naturally carved out by flood waters. The wide range of wildlife includes spinner dolphins and a variety of whales that frolic off the coast, ospreys, terns, steppe eagles and crested honey buzzards that can be seen in the mountains around Salalah. Oman is also home to several endangered species, many of which are protected by reserves established by royal decree.

Living in Salalah has been the best thing for me and my family! We have found real peace and tranquility by embracing the wonderful Omani Culture and living the expat lifestyle.