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BSS Uniform Information

BSS has a simple uniform, which changes slightly in style as pupils move through the school.  Our uniform encourages a sense of belonging and pride in our students. All students from  FS1 to Year 11 wear school uniform. Please click here for more information.

BSS Uniform Order

Please complete the form below to order school uniform.

BSS Uniform Order form


Timings of the school day

Foundation Stage (FS1 – FS2) 7:30am – 7:45am staggered start – 1:30pm end of school day
Primary School (Years 1 – 6) 7:30am – 7:45am staggered start – 2:00pm end of school day
Senior School (Years 7 – 11) 7:30am start – 2:00pm end of school day

If your child is late to school, they must sign in at the Reception area. They will receive a Late Slip which must be taken with them to class and handed to the teacher.


Please report all absences before 7:30am to

You will need to state your child’s name, year group and reason for their absence.

EYFS Creche Service Form

Please complete the form below to sign up for our EYFS Creche Service.

EYFS Creche Service form


BSS Covid Management