Teaching & Learning

Our Goals for
Teaching & Learning

  • Everyone in the school, regardless of background or starting point, achieving the highest academic standards.
  • Equipping students with the values, attitudes and attributes that will serve them well in university, the workplace and their life.
  • Delivering this outcome consistently, year on year, regardless of changes to context or circumstances.


We follow the National Curriculum for England. This stipulates targets in each area of the curriculum for which children should know, understand and be able to do.

The development of learning skills, independent thought, creativity and a love of learning are wider aims of the curriculum and are embedded in all that we do. All pupils are expected to work hard to achieve their academic potential. Ultimately, academic success at GCSEs level is an aim of the curriculum and an aspiration of students, staff and parents. We believe that such success is best achieved through a broad curriculum with a wide variety of opportunities for pupils to develop and practise their own academic interests.

Our Learning Ethos

Our Learning Ethos underpins learning and teaching throughout the school.

The aim of our Learning Ethos is to nurture and support our pupils to grow into:

  • Hard Working and Secure Individuals
  • Agile and Resourceful Learners
  • Empathetic and Respectful Contributors

High Performance Learning

British School Salalah strives to be a High Performance Learning (HPL) World Class School.

High Performance Learning (HPL) World Class Schools have teaching and learning at their heart and are committed to moving from some students learning at high levels to all students learning at high levels.

You can read more about High Performance Learning on their website

HPL at British School Salalah

HPL develops the essential skills, values, attitudes and attributes needed to reach success, both in school and beyond. Students learn how to succeed through the use of a consistent educational language that is shared between students and teachers; it enables students to think flexibly and creatively while developing the capability to self regulate when things don’t go to plan.

This provides students with lifelong skills to be high performing learners.
The consistent educational language that is used can be seen below in our BSS Learning Ethos and our BSM Thinking Skills.

BSS & BSM Learning Ethos

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BSS & BSM Thinking Skills

Find out more about ourĀ  Thinking SkillsĀ