Fees 2024-2025

Tuition Fees for 2024-2025

All fees are payable in Omani Rials (OMR).

Please see below the table for additional fees for new pupils.

Term 1


Term 2


Term 3


Annual Fee
Omani Rials
̣FS1-2 745 555 555 1855
Year 1 - 2 1125 845 845 2815
Year 3 - 4 1170 880 880 2930
Year 5 - 6 1310 980 980 3270
Year 7 - 9 1580 1180 1180 3940
Year 10 - 11 1620 1215 1215 4050
Year 12-13 1800 1350 1350 4500

For full Terms and Conditions and information on how to apply, please see our Join Us page.

Admissions Fee

Once your child has completed the admissions process and their place has been confirmed, you will be asked to pay an Admissions Fee.

The Admissions Fee is a one off payment.

Once the Admissions Fee has been paid, your child’s space is secured. Non-payment of the Admissions Fee may lead to your child losing their place.

Admissions Fee:

FS1 Entry OMR 330
Year 1 & Year 2 Entry OMR 430
Year 3 to Year 13 Entry OMR 480

Sibling Discount

  • 25% off the Admission Fee for a 2nd child
  • Admission Fee is waived for a 3rd child (limited time offer)

School Policy Regarding Payment of Termly Fees

  • All fees must be paid in full on or before the first day of Term
  • The School reserves the right to charge interest at rates that will be approved from time to time by the Board of Governors in respect of Fees that are paid late and, in extreme cases, take legal action. Please note that a dishonoured cheque is a criminal offence in Oman. This is in line with the schools Home School Agreement.
  • Invoices will be issued at least two weeks before the end of the previous Term
  • Fees will not be refunded or reduced for pupils leaving unless prior notice (minimum 30 days) is given. This is done in consultation with and at the discretion of the Head of School and Accounts and Operations Manager

Payment Details

Payment by cheque

Please make cheques payable to British School Salalah.


Payment by Cash

Cash payments are accepted in the office.


Payment by bank transfer

Please inform us by email of any bank
payments, including proof of receipt.

Bank Oman Arab Bank
Account Name British School Salalah
Account Number 3160 - 593800 - 501
Address Sultan Qaboos Street,
PO Box 2010, PC112 Ruwi,
Sultanate of Oman