Expeditions & Trips

Residential and Edventure Trips

Residential trips begin from FS1, with pupils exploring and discovering all that Oman has to offer from Wadis to beaches, mountains and the desert.

Children experience a broad range of outdoor and adventurous activities on our adventure trips.

Primary students can enjoy trips to historical and UNESCO sites including forts, mountains, wadis and beaches.

Years 6-8 are able take part in activities such as orienteering, kayaking and a variety of problem solving challenges within Oman’s magnificent natural environment.

Students in Year 9 and above have the opportunity to take part in the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award (see below), the world’s leading youth achievement award.

International Award

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award is the world’s leading youth achievement award.

The voluntary programme encourages personal discovery and growth, independence, perseverance and a responsibility to each student as well as their community. In other words, it develops the skills and personality that universities and future employers now expect.

The Award is open to Students aged 14-18 years and requires students to complete four components: Service, Physical Recreation, Skill, Expedition (also known as the Adventurous Journey) and, for Gold only, an additional longer residential component.

More for information please contact internationalaward@britishschoolsalalah.com

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