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We Are BSS

The school is committed to ongoing development and continues to go from strength to strength - staff and students are proud to have ownership of this journey which fosters a great sense of community and well-being. A senior student captured this ethos beautifully when he told me "We are for the school and the school is for us"

COBIS Inspection 2023


COBIS represents over 250 British international schools of global quality. Members benefit from world-leading quality assurance, excellent professional development opportunities and the ability to network with colleagues in more than 75 countries worldwide.

Activities are well planned, language-rich with lots of questions to stimulate thinking

COBIS Inspection 2023


British School Salalah has been very proud to have been nominated for international awards over the past few years. Most recently, we were a finalist for British International School of the Year in the Independent Schools of the Year Awards 2022.


Finalist: British International School of the Year - Independent Schools of the Year Awards 2022

Independent School Parent

Finalist for FlexEd with British School Salalah

Shortlisted: Digital Technology in Learning - International School Awards (ISC Research) 2022

Runner up for FlexEd with British School Muscat

The school is commended on its focus on using data to inform learning

COBIS Inspection 2023

The high energy, positive ethos in the Foundation Stage engages students and promotes an interest in learning

COBIS Inspection 2023


We are proud to have accreditation from the following organisations